Work package IV: Online survey

The objective of the online survey is at least 1500 returned questionnaires of key persons in R&D departments of institutions which applied for patents in the time span of 2002-2004. The results of the online survey will give a differentiated insight into the invention climate in innovative institutions regarding the gender aspect.


Description of work

1. Preparation of the online survey

Production of a randomised national database with data of the institutions in 25 EU Member States which applied for patents at the European Patent Organisation (EPO) in the time span of 2002-2004.

A subcontracted call centre researches the central telephone numbers of institutions and identifies their head(s) of R&D-departments. The agents explain the project and ask, if the key persons are willing to take part in the anonymized online survey. If they agree, the email-addresses will be collected. Altogether 3000 positive contacts are needed.

Additionally the cooperativeness of some heads of R&D-departments is needed who are willing to give pre-interviews by telephone. Therefore the key persons are asked for their business telephone numbers.


2. Realisation of the online survey

To realize the creation and the dispatch of the online survey a poll company will be subcontracted.

The questionnaire will be translated in all languages of the EU Member States


Focus of the questionnaire:

  • Institutions policy relating to diversity management and gender mainstreaming
  • incentive system for patenting
  • employment conditions
  • structural data

The data analysis of the online survey will provide data to compare the innovation climate under the gender aspect of

  • different EU Member States
  • different institutions (high, middle or low patent activity, number of employees etc.)

3. Advantages for the heads of R&D-departments to participate

The key persons will receive results from ESGI. This can count for the institutions as an advantage in the high demand of innovation activity and the necessity to use the full potential of all – female and male – inventors.

Dissemination: Work report “Online survey”

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